In 1966, Buckeye Fabric Finishing Company ( was producing commercial and military products to capacity in Coshocton, Ohio. The James Lee Family, along with Jerome Stenner, a long-time superintendent at Buckeye Fabric, decided to form Excello Fabric Finishing Incorporated as a sister company to Buckeye Fabric to capture more business from the American military. Since this time, Excello’s flame, water, and mildew resistant coatings have been used to treat fabrics for both military and commercial use, including tents, seat covers, truck tarps, ground covers, water bags, and a variety of other uses.

Commercially our coatings are known as a high quality and competitively priced option for boat covers, awnings, tent and tarpaulin treatments. In addition to traditional coatings, we offer a wide variety of water-based latex coatings that can be applied to polyester and nylon when a lightweight high tensile strength product is required.

Excello applies saturation coatings and knife coatings to cottons (sheeting to number ducks), polyesters (150 Denier to 1000 Denier), cotton synthetic blends, scrims and other misc. synthetics. Common coatings include PVC plastisols and organisols, latex acrylics, mildew treatments, water resistant treatments, flame resistant treatments and military finishes. Excello also has the unique flexibility to custom coat a variety of substrates and compounds. We have coated substrates from felt to fiberglass to rubber flooring with compounds ranging from those listed above to neoprene and adhesives.

Company president Kevin Lee invites you to take a look at Excello. Excello readily competes with many coatings used in the industry today. Excello customers remain loyal to company because of the quality we offer at competitive prices! Contact Kevin today to learn how Excello can help your company become more profitable!

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